Audi Reveals Teaser Images of Pure Electric Coupe-like SUV Before Shanghai Expo

Audi Pure Electric Coupe

With the Shanghai expo close by, Audi has revealed teaser images of their upcoming all-electric car.

So far, the auto brand has only showed sketches of this particular model but this time the renders are close to the production design.

As confirmed earlier, the new EV car will be the highlighted launch during the Shanghai expo scheduled to take place next week in China. The concept model continues to reinstate the Audi design values as it is made to join the e-tron lines of cars. The supposed to be SUV car resembles more of a coupe with a sleek and stylish appearance. The company is not going to launch just one but at least three different pure electric cars before 2020. They have already started taking steps into the segment by revealing one concept after the other.

Audi Pure Electric Coupe

Earlier in 2016, Audi launched the e-tron quattro SUV which is the first car in the electric series and the rendered sketches showcase the second model. It is unclear whether the company plans to showcase the car in an all-metal body or just go with explaining the features they are planning to bring in to this futuristic car. The compact SUV is mounted on top of the MLB platform which is surprising because Audi does have access to the newly reveal MEB architecture. The MEB has been designed up from the base to feature enough space for electric motors and Volkswagen has come up with platform exclusively for all future EVs.

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Going with an older architecture may be done due to several reasons such as availability of new components, the time it takes to get the platform ready because Audi is planning to sell these cars quickly rather than keeping it in the production or concept stage for long. Based on the powertrain that is already being used in the e-tron quattro, the new unnamed model should easily go up to 300 miles on a single charge. The car’s powertrain will house three electric motors so as to deliver a gasoline engine-like performance and top speed.

Audi Pure Electric Coupe-like SUV

Most cars in the past use conventional wing mirrors as cameras but the concept showcases a different design Audi is going with. Some prominent changes include a sunken bonnet that reduces the boxy look of the SUV and the new revamped front grille which in unison provides the sleek look the designers have worked to achieve in the concept car. We will know more once the Shanghai expo begins.