Star Wars Battlefront II Pre-orders are Now Open for PS4, Xbox One and PC Editions

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II has generated more hype than even the upcoming movie the Last Jedi with its cool and dashing single player campaign trailer.

The game director confirmed that it will have a very expansive storyline that begins after the movie the Return of the Jedi ends up to the latest movie The Force Awakens. The actual storyline in the game will span as long as 30 years which includes some of the iconic characters from the film including Yoda, Luke Skywalker and Darth Maul. A lot of changes are undergoing at EA studios as the company made some announcements in the past day.

Star Wars Battlefront II Pre-orders

While the pre-orders for Star Wars Battlefront II has already opened for PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, the game will not feature a season pass this time. Electronic Arts and Activision, the two major players in the gaming industry is undergoing a massive overhaul recently. While Activision faced a huge debacle with their last Call of Duty game set in space, Electronic Arts isn’t going great either with duds like Battlefield Hardline and Battlefront that didn’t get as popular as the company expected.

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The game developers along with the community’s feedback have realized that introducing paid DLCs with additional maps, vehicles and weapons split the gaming community apart. The team in their official statement added that they are looking for ways to come up with a live update kind of feature that isn’t like season passes and additional maps. It will offer a uniform experience for all gamers on board and there will be some perks for those who choose to get into the subscription service.

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While Star Wars Battlefront II will not have any season pass as confirmed, it still has the more expensive deluxe edition. The base game will retail online and in stores for $59.99 while the Deluxe edition will cost you $79.99 as confirmed by the publisher. When you pre-order the game, there are some special add-ons included. You will receive the Kylo Ren and Rey who looks like how they are in the movie Star Wars the Last Jedi and will have special modifiers that can change the multiplayer battles like never before. The game will have local split screen co-op only on the console edition and not PC.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Deluxe edition buyers will receive three days early access and all PS4 pre-orders will receive a bonus theme. The game is getting launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 17th, 2017. There will be no Battlefield from Electronic Arts and DICE this year.