Audi RS SUVs are in the Making, Q7 and Q8 May Get Performance Editions

Audi Q8 Sport concept

Bringing the powerful RS badge to the SUVs is something Audi refrains from for so many years.

The automobile brand has gone as far as the Q3 which is a small variant but it’s all about to change.

For the first time, the company is going to step out of its comfort zone and launch the Audi RS variant for their SUVs. The news was confirmed by Stephan Winkelmann, the company’s Audi Sport division head who is very eager to discuss more about the brand’s future plans. He had a long interview during the launch of RS3 sedan in which he confirmed they are planning for RS SUVs.

Audi RS Q7

While many bosses have handled the team at Audi, Winkelmann’s experience working as the head of Lamborghini’s Urus SUV came into picture when he joined the company. After having worked with a powerful, large car in the competitor’s organization, he immediately felt that an important piece is missing in Audi. Based on his statement, he probably proposed the idea to expand the RS badge further.

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“Our lineup is not big because the idea is to have the right cars in it and not simply increase the numbers. Every segment has its potential and we need to have something in all of them so that there is an equal distribution of cars around the globe. The CUV shift is imminent and you will know what we have been working all along when the announcement takes place,” said Winkelmann.

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Based on earlier rumors and inside sources, Audi is planning to add the RS performance upgrades to the Q7 and the Q8 SUVs. By adopting the newer models, Audi will finally come on par with their competitors in a new segment where they hesitated to participate for so long. It will compete with Mercedes AMG GLE63, the X5M and X6M from BMW among many other known brands. And, the RS SUVs will also go head on against Lamborghini’s Urus, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga models all at once when it is officially launched.

Audi Q8 Sport concept

The Sport team boss added that they are not going to focus on diesel powertrains but go with more powerful engine variants. The cars may draw inspiration from Porsche Macan Turbo but the Q7 and the Q8 RS models are expected to create a market of their own in different regions. Audi may take time to launch the RS variants and there is no word on a possible release date now.

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