Bamboo Wood In Minecraft 1.20 Opens Up The Possibility For Several Other Wood Types

Minecraft Bomboo

The latest 1.20 update for Minecraft has marked the arrival of several new interesting elements into the game.

One of the biggest attractions, undoubtedly, has been the new bamboo wood type. Fans have lapped it up in a huge way and are of the opinion that will lead to the introduction of several new wood types in the game.

Minecraft’s bamboo wood seeks inspiration from how bamboo is used as an alternative to wood owing to its strength, growth and other factors. Apart from working as a robust building material for Minecraft players, bamboo wood will also enable them to use different types of decorative blocks. Players are now hopeful that other forms of wood, too, will be launched in the game soon.

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Mojang has been introducing different types of wood in the game for a while now. While players were expecting this to happen for a while, Mojang took its own sweet time to roll out these updates. Looking at Mojang’s strategy, there is a possibility of it introducing a bunch of other wood types in the near future.

In the last couple of months, Mojang has brought in several elements in Minecraft that have contributed towards making the game more dynamic. Update 1.17, for instance, introduced azalea trees in the game. Now, azaleas can be found easily in the game. Players also have the opportunity to grow trees on their own using bone meals. A lot of players tend to look at azaleas simply as decorated trees. Azaleas prove to be very useful in helping players discover cave biomes situated in different locations. Azaleas, as most players are aware, grow above cave-like structures and therefore, can be found without undertaking any elaborate mining process.

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