Minecraft: Ancient Cities in the Game Could Be Containing a New Dimension

Minecraft Ancient city

The latest 1.19 update by Minecraft has a lot to offer to players.

While players are busy discovering several aspects of it, they are also of the opinion that Mojang is making preparations for a bigger update. While the aforementioned update has introduced players to Warden, touted to be one of the most aggressive mobs in the game so far, the presence of ancient city structures and dark biome has added a sense of mystery to the overall gameplay.

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Because of the mystery surrounding these elements, players have a lot of questions running through their minds. Apart from answering these questions, the upcoming Minecraft might also mark the arrival of a new dimension in the game. Though the Minecraft team hasn’t offered any clarification on this, fans are quite certain about it owing to certain details they stumbled upon in the design of the ancient cities. According to the fans, there is a good chance of Minecraftexploring several dimensions apart from Nether and Overworld.

If players are willing to take the risk of moving through some very dangerous terrains, they will get to explore a lot of things in the ancient cities. While players have come across several interesting structures in the ancient cities, the one structure that stood out for them was the Warden’s face which was represented in the form of a statue. This particular statue, interestingly, has been built over a redstone room that contains several important valuables.

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While the statue pays a tribute to the Warden, some of the players have remarked how it bears a striking resemblance to a Nether portal. Reinforced deep slate is used to build the mouth portion. There are several elements in the ancient cities that also give one an inkling of impending doom.

Minecraft has always been known for being a game that features environmental structures that are designed to make the players more educated or well-informed. While it does not spoon-feed players, it gives them several items to discover on their own and put them together in a way that helps them get a better understanding of the game.

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