Rumors About Grand Theft Auto 6 Reveal Come To The Fore Again

GTA 6 concept maps

Even if the rumor mills do not churn out any news about Grand Theft Auto 6 for a couple of days, you can expect something or the other to crop up anytime soon.

That’s exactly what has happened now. For a long time, there were reports about a GTA 6 teaser or trailer being unveiled but that did not happen. However, now fans are quite excited about the possibility of a GTA 6 reveal happening in the next couple of days.

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When fans realized the Vice City anniversary is around the corner, they believed there is a strong chance of a GTA 6 reveal happening around the same time. The day is finally here. Twenty years back, on October 27, GTA Vice City was introduced for the first time on PlayStation 2. The official TikTok account of Sony has done something that has led fans to arrive at the conclusion that a GTA 6 reveal will happen very soon.

Sony TikTok posted a video of GTA San Andreas being played on a large television screen. The caption on the video reads, “pov: you load up one of the most iconic intro songs on your PS2.” A large number of GTA fans commented on this post. One of the fans commented, “GTA Vice City intro please”.

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Sony TikTok replied to this particular comment by stating that the 20th anniversary of the game is just around the corner. The reply was accompanied by the eyes emoji. The reply, along with the presence of the emoji, made fans conclude that something important might be scheduled closer to GTA Vice City’s 20th anniversary.

Since Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, has an investors call scheduled for November, fans have another reason to believe that a big announcement will come through soon.

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GTA Vice City celebrates its 20th anniversary today and no announcement has been made. However, there is still a decent chance of an announcement being made before the week comes to an end. If Rockstar does make an announcement, it will be a big moment for fans who have been waiting for an official GTA 6 update for a while.

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