Battlefield 1 is the Best Ever WWI Experience, Claims Most Critic Reviews

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 officially launched a day go and the game has opened to the best critic reviews in recent times.

Most claim that it is the best Battlefield in the series in a long time, both in the single player campaign and the multiplayer mode.

Electronic Arts and DICE launched the game with an awesome trailer that showcased the horrors of World War I. Besides, it also brilliantly showcased the diverse aspects covered by Battlefield 1 including the range of maps, weapons, vehicles and the destruction capabilities that are synonymous with all Battlefield series.

Battlefield 1

While the multiplayer is slick and addictive like previous games in the series, it is the single player campaign that surprised the reviewers. Most of them praised it with rave reviews as it spans over five different war stories. Players can experience any story of their choice as they have the option to choose between these war stories. The characters are diverse as it includes veteran shooters to novice driver among other interesting stuff.

The opening campaign story of Battlefield 1 is worth your time. But, to make sure the surprise elements are kept intact, it is advisable to play the game and experience it rather than watching it in gameplay videos. The top game reviewing websites have scored the game with a solid 9 out of 10 which stands proof to its authenticity.

Similar to previous games, DICE offers more maps as part of the DLCs. Players have to buy the premium package in order to receive them as they get released. It might take a whole year for all the DLC packages to be out. Multiplayer modes are fun and has good maps to explore. However, if you like to explore specific campaigns and locations from the World War I, it is mandatory to pay the additional $60 to buy the DLC maps.

Battlefield 1 WWI Experience

Electronic Arts have been constantly criticized for splitting the main game and offering it in multiple bundles. While the complaints do prevail, Battlefield 1 seems to be a worthy entrant in the series in a long time. The developers have always come up with mediocre single player campaigns while Call of Duty sheens in that area.

For the first time, DICE has gone with a COD like approach by introducing multiple characters in the game and allowing players to experience WWI from different perspectives. You can check out the launch trailer below.


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