Google PhotoScan App Digitizes Your Old Photos, New Update for Photos App Available

PhotoScan App

Google is one of the best, if not the best, when it comes to machine learning. The company has been doing great in this industry and in fact, a number of its old products are beginning to reap the fruits of machine learning.

Sometimes back, the search engine giant rolled out a Google Photos feature that can scan through your photos and bring together similar-looking faces. In another attempt to make your experience with photos on your phone better, Google has also turned to its machine learning techniques with the new PhotoScan app.

Keen followers of Google may have come across an instance where the company said that it would use math to fix the issue of lens flare experienced by users of Pixel phones, well, the new PhotoScan app offers something quite similar to this.

If you have some old photos, the PhotoScan app will help you make them digital. Using the power of computational photography, the app will be able to turn your printed photos into digital formats and when this is done, you probably know what’s next – Google Photos.

The PhotoScan app uses your phone’s camera to scan printed photos, but this is nothing close to simply snapping a photo and processing it. You will have to move around the camera so that the app captures more details and angles. The app will get rid of any glare on the photo, leaving you with a mathematically perfect digital image of your original photo.

Google PhotoScan

As noted earlier, you can have the photos saved into Google Photos app – where the tech giant has also made some very interesting updates. Apparently, the new Google Photos app has received an additional set of editing tools. You can auto-enhance a photo to make it look more accurate, use up to 12 new filters as well as access “advanced” editing tools such as ability to control exposure, white level, contrast, highlights as well as shadows.

Whether Google will be pushing this Photos update from their side or it will require a Play Store update is still unknown, but the changes should start showing up as at the time of this writing. As for the PhotoScan app, you can get it right away from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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