Battlefield 1 Devs Detail They Shall Not Pass DLC and How WWI Inspired Them

Battlefield 1

Every new game has started off small just like Battlefield 1 but as the amazing DLCs start rolling out, things get interesting and competitive.

Battlefield 1 developers DICE detailed the new They Shall Not Pass, the first of the expansion packs and how each WWI battles inspired them.

The game set during World War I is the first of its kind in modern day multiplayer gaming and it’s great that Electronic Arts approved the idea. The long list of new maps, weapons and gameplay elements designed around the French army will be introduced with the pack. If you already have the season pass, you can get it or you should purchase the DLC individually.

The Biggest Battle Ever

Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC

Discussing their big inspiration, the developers revealed in length on how the Battle of Verdun inspired them to create the first map. According to historical records, over one million shells were dropped during the battle and it led to massive forest fires in the city as well as the battlefield around it. The intense event took place on February 1916. “We are looking forward to know what our players think of the battle we created. Our idea is to let them feel what happened on the cold nights for nearly nine months, one of the longest ever events during World War I,” wrote the developer.

Underground Fights

An important aspect of Battle of Verdun is the use of underground corridors which soldiers used to their advantage and fought against the never ending barrage of shells. Players will have competitive fights in these areas which are dark, is like a maze and can either defend or get them killed. “Grenades, poison gases and flamethrowers were used during this battle between French and Germans. Surviving the battle is all about using the environment to your advantage,” says DICE.

Battlefield 1 introduced iconic locales and great warfare. However, the number of factions available in the original game seems less. In order to feel the actual size of the World War I setup, all the events should be there and we expect the DLCs to introduce them one by one. The French faction is a good start with multiple maps designed for both firefight and tank assaults. The battles will take place at Verdun, Aisne river, Fismes village and other iconic locations each with its own set of spots to take cover and fight until the Germans fall back.

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