Microsoft Supposedly Considering Drastic Revamp of Windows 10, Mobile Action Center

Windows 10 Mobile Action Center

 It is reported that Microsoft is upgrading Windows 10, Mobile Action Center, rendering it more functional.

The changes will probably be brought in with the Redstone 2, which is an update coming up in 2017. The exact design is not yet known, so there could be many changes before the final version.

Drastic Revamp

The company has already redesigned the Mobile Action Center for Windows 10 in its 10th Anniversary update, which will be released in August this year. However, it is considering a drastic revamping in the near future. The images received are originating from an internal source and show the plans for the Action Center to be implemented in further updates for the Windows 10.

More Logical

The action center button will be changed to Actions and Toggles and there is an addition of the brightness slider. The change has been made on the basis of some internal feedback. The scope of the action center is rendered more logical with this change.

At present it has several button options, with some launching the user into an application, whereas other buttons function as a toggle switch. The change will in fact be duplicating the approach of the control center in the iOS. This will result in the Windows 10 Mobile Action Center becoming more user friendly.

Windows 10 Mobile

Shortcut Buttons

There are a few internal slides offered by MSPoweruser showing that the company could bring in a few shortcut buttons under the toggles seen in Action Center. With the help of these buttons, you can launch a particular application and not merely toggle a function. The buttons also come in a separate round shape. In addition, one can find the brightness slider placed between them, almost like the notification shades seen on Android smartphones. Brightness feature is a very commonly used one in smartphones, so the change will make a significant improvement in the user experience.

Redstone 2

The above-mentioned changes have to receive a go ahead and if this comes about, it will be released with the Redstone 2.  The latter is likely to be focused on changes to Windows 10 Mobile, offering more polish to mobile features. MSPoweruser received some images related to the first visual of a redesigned Mobile Action Center for Windows 10.

Anniversary Update

As of now, the Anniversary update for Windows 10 release date is official and the new update will come on 2nd August. It is full of features and is a free update, which can be availed by users running the Windows 10 program. It is the biggest update for the software from the time of its release. The Windows 10 is now running on more than 350 millions of devices.

This update had been announced some time in the early parts of this year in the developer conference. There are many visual changes and also enhancement of features. There is some redesigning in the Start Menu and enhancements made to the Notifications, Edge browser and Cortana, with an improvement in the Action Center as well.

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