Overwatch’s Animated Short Last Bastion Is A Must Watch For Everyone

The Last Bastion

Blizzard has released the new animated short titled ‘The Last Bastion’ which introduces the background store of Bastion.

Overwatch heroes have short films of their one and this one easily steals the cake for being one of the best made in recent times.

When real animated companies like Pixar and Dreamworks are trying so hard to make movies that matter, Blizzard has simply set a new benchmark for short animated movies with the ‘The Last Bastion’. The seven-minute movie travels around Bastion, the last survivor of the robot race that went against their creators, the humans. He has been left in the jungle for far too long and don’t have memories of what actually happened.

‘The Last Bastion’ was launched at Gamescom this week during the Blizzard press conference. The publishers also confirmed that they are about to launch a new Overwatch map set in an abandoned village in Germany. The map located in Stuttgart is where the final battle between the omnics robots and the German defense forces took place in the far future.

Overwatch’s Animated Short Last Bastion

Bastion wakes up much later to find himself in a situation where he falls in love with nature and wildlife. The robot is extremely attached to how the nature thrives on its own and when he learns about his past, he decides to simply go back to the jungle to lead a peaceful life.

The animated short leaves it at that point but in the real game, Bastion is always seen fighting opponents and trying to win the game. Probably the gameplay is completely different from the lore these characters are set. At this rate, Blizzard might make a movie out of Overwatch as they already did with Warcraft.

If films like Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed could succeed, more games are about to be made into movies. The good thing about this new short film is that you don’t have to be a Overwatch fan or know the characters. The movie introduces you to a new world, makes sure you love what they show and gives it a grand finale. The animation is top notch which makes it worth the watch.

Blizzard has already launched similar animated shorts for the widowmaker, tracer, Winston, hanzo, genji and solider: 76. Each one of these movies are great and more will be coming soon as there are at least 21 different heroes to explore in Overwatch. Check out the video below.

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