Battlefield 1 Launch Will Be Followed With a Battlefield TV Series

Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts and DICE have always managed to have a single player campaign merged into all the Battlefield games. The upcoming Battlefield 1 has one to set during the World War I period.

It is truly exciting to know that we will get a next generation campaign based on the World War after so many years. There was a time when all top shooters including Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and Battlefield used to focus on these wars until they shifted permanently to the modern warfare era. With all these interesting changes going, the team somehow moved onto sign a deal with Paramount to create a television show based on the series.

The information was revealed by a leading Hollywood movie magazine and is quite authentic. Most players who are in love with the game tend to skip the single player campaign. The storyline is usually weak despite the amazing graphics and it doesn’t lead much. People play the multiplayer for hours but seldom spend time in the story that DICE has to tell. But, someone at Paramount believes that there is something to share which is what they are going to do so with a show.


There is no word on the network in which it is going to be aired. Netflix, HBO or someone similar who sees the potential in the series might purchase it. Based on the success Battlefield series witnesses on the new platform, newer seasons might be confirmed. It is purely an experimental step at the moment.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 is doing extremely well even though the game is still in its alpha stage. A lot of important information has been leaked by a random reddit user. From what the user shared, the game has plenty of gadgets, weapons and customization options to choose from. Horses are there as promised in the teaser trailer and they are going to be customizable just like weapons or gadgets.

A single player campaign as it has always been will be there. This time, it is set in the World War I era which is what has made us really excited about it. After all, it has been more than a decade since a AAA war game popped on the consoles and PC. Battlefield 1 is getting launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Comparison videos of the same were posted which clearly showed that DICE is ahead of everyone else with their futuristic graphics.

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