Samsung India Launches the J2 2016 and J Max – Innovations Specifically Made for India

Samsung J2

Samsung India launched the J2 2016 and the J Max yesterday.

The J2 comes with the Turbo Speed and Smart Glow features. It is offered as a competitor to the XiaomiMi with 7 inches display.

J2 2016

The J2 2016 is a sequel to the J2 that was launched last year. It has been redesigned with the addition of Make for India features like the Turbo Speed. This technology is a revolutionary one offering excellent performance. The Smart Glow is an innovative notification system with color LED. The J2 2015 has had a very god run in India and the 2016 version is aimed at being a worthy successor to it. The J2 2016 comes with 4G enabled. It has a 5 inches screen using the Super AMOLED, HD display. The battery is powered at 2600 mAh. However, the internal storage is quite low at 8 GB, though it can be expanded up to 128 GB using a microSD card.

Improved Camera for J2

The J2 2016 has a better camera compared to the 2015 version. The primary camera resolution has been enhanced to 8 MP from 5 MP. The selfie camera also receives an upgrade to 5 MP from the earlier 2 MP. The aperture in both the cameras is f 2.2.


The Turbo Speed Technology offers a novel feature, whereby the device performance will be enhanced. The native applications can be loaded about 40% more quickly when compared to other devices having double the RAM. The company has rewritten some of the native applications, such as contacts and camera as well as gallery. These are ones that are more frequently used by consumers and they have been made ultra light. In addition, the TST shuts down processes that are idle and reduces the clutter in the RAM with the intelligent memory feature. The RAM and the processor are thus free to conduct new tasks.

Samsung Galaxy J MAX

Smart Glow Feature

It is in the form of an LED forming a ring around the primary camera. Users can customize it for prioritizing notifications related to a particular application or a contact. Colors can be customized and users can create a maximum of four alerts. It also alerts users when the battery is low or if the device is running low in internal memory or in mobile data.

J Max

The J Max has been designed to offer more entertainment through a smartphone. The display is 7 inches, WXGA and the resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels. It has a battery powered at 4000 mAh and the memory can be expanded to 200 GB. The primary camera has a resolution of 8 MP and the selfie camera has a 2 MP resolution. A Quad core processor powers both the J Max and the J2 2016, coming with a RAM of 1.5 GB.

Innovations for India

Both the above devices are loaded with Made for India innovations. This includes the S bike feature and the UDS, which is mode for saving data. This feature can save mobile data up to half the normal consumption. It can also save the data when the user is on Wi Fi connection.

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