New Honda NSX 2016 Edition Pricing and Features Revealed

Honda NSX 2016

Back in January last year, Honda debuted the production version of the NSX 2016 at the Detroit auto show.

While everyone was expecting an official launch, the auto brand took its own sweet time to reveal these details.

After a solid eighteen months of waiting, Honda has made the pricing of the NSX official. The company has also revealed the features and the technical specifications of this superfast sports car that enticed many auto lovers. A full-fledged launch for the car is slated to take place this autumn. The representatives of the company have confirmed that the NSX will be priced somewhere around the £130,000. Definitely not the one that a budget conscious buyer should go for and this car was never meant to be the average commuters’ choice.

It is evident that Honda is going after the popular BMW i8, the Audi R8 and the Porsche 911 Turbo. Out of the three, the Porsche offering is preferred by buyers around the globe for the exclusivity and luxurious finish it offers. The BMW i8 is not far behind but it is at least £30,000 more than the proposed price tag of the NSX 2016 edition. By balancing the right mix of performance, features and pricing, Honda might entice people into going for their sports car and not their competitors.

Honda NSX

European customers will be the first of the lot to receive the 2016 Honda NSX. The hybrid model is capable of delivering an impressive performance with its 550 horsepower engine. Some reviews have popped up online confirming the numbers. However, we may have to wait till the end of the year to get to drive the actual car and benchmark its power against its immediate competitors.

Honda has a brief history with their NSX models. The first ever car in the series was launched in the year 1989. It was later discontinued due to poor sales but the automobile brand brought it to life one more time. This time, they didn’t keep things simple but pushed the car to the best of sporty looks and impressive performance to ensure it doesn’t lose to competition.

The 2016 edition of the NSX is powered by a twin turbo hybrid drivetrain with a V6 petrol engine and has three electric motors to justify the hybrid tag. Honda’s boss confirmed that they went with the hybrid option to make the renewed launch of the car significant as the original 1989 version.

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