WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone 2.17.2 Adds GIF Search and Status Screen

Whatsapp Beta Gif

WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone 2.17.2 offers a whole lot of customization features.

The Microsoft phone will receive many new add-ons including new status screen, notification customization and GIF search tool.

Whatsapp Beta Gif Search

The original developers of WhatsApp have always been busy rolling out new updates for the Windows Phone platform. However, the time they take to roll out a new update is much higher due to Android and iOS devices that need the foremost attention. The newest version designed for Windows phone platforms offer a brand new user interface allowing users to be able to get the blue tick mark along with smileys in the status bar.

We are yet to test the beta version on Windows phone after which we will be able to detail all the features in it. The developers didn’t reveal an official changelog for the update. It makes it difficult to know the changes made to the app except for the prominent ones highlighted in their social media channel. A brand new UI will make the messaging app much better and easy to use on Windows Phone.

WhatsApp beta New UI

A blurred image of the new UI is posted online giving us a glimpse of what to expect. It showcases a black background which is ideal for using your phone at night. A lot of people had developed the habit of messaging at night and this dark theme should go easy on their eyes. There is also a brand new status screen in the app. It allows users to change their status, post new message and also check who viewed their profile last. Such a feature doesn’t exist on Android or iOS platforms.

Whatsapp Beta Status Screen

The developers could probably be experimenting with WhatsApp beta for Windows phone 2.17.2 and test a feature like the status screen before rolling it out to the massive use base on other platforms. Allowing one to view users who viewed their profiles could probably create privacy issues. And, it will push the team to come up with a hide feature one more time. There aren’t any updates or discussions regarding this new feature because it is still in its early phase and is heading only to the beta program on Windows phones.

WhatsApp Beta For Windows Phone

Users will now be able to search and find new gifs to post to their message. A similar feature was recently introduced on Yahoo Messenger mobile app and Kik messenger. It is also available on Google Allo app and Whatsapp is catching up to it, as confirmed in the Twitter page. More news is expected real soon.

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