Battlefield 1 – Weapons, Vehicles and Single Player Mission Details Leaked

Battlefield 1 – Weapons

Posting an apology for EA and DICE, a user on reddit named Lobix has revealed tons of information about Battlefield 1, the upcoming World War I shooter in the Battlefield franchise.

When EA announced the game right before the E3 2016 event, it was such an exciting moment for gamers around the globe. First person shooters have become stale over the years after developers milked it with modern warfare. World Wars were a thing of the past in the last decade which is now revamped with the announcement of Battlefield 1. The game is set for launch this holiday season but we just can’t wait for official launch, can we?

The Reddit user has revealed almost everything you need to know about the game. Players were really excited about the type of weapons and vehicles used in the game. While the big reveal showcased live battles, it didn’t show much in terms of weapons. It is now confirmed that the game will feature at least 30 different weapons to choose from. As with the Battlefield tradition, you will have complete control over each one of them. They can be customized as required with gadgets, colors, add-ons and much more.

Battlefield 1 Single Player Mission

Weapons in Battlefield 1 are divided into different categories including handguns, tankers, cavalry types and behemoth weapons. Each category will have a specific set of weapon which can used by players in the class. Developers DICE and EA is going to bring back the concept of class, making it more serious this time around. There is a medic once again and players can choose to specialize in vehicle control, infantry or air warfare. They will earn points and upgrades based on their specific areas. Besides, there will be special perks encouraging them to do their job properly during intense war torn situations.

Gadgets are plenty including medic bags, flare guns, gas masks, grenades, mines and artillery. All of them will be put to good use in the ten maps which are part of the base game. As EA does every time, we expect twenty more maps to be rolled out as expansion packs, DLCs at a later stage. It usually takes a whole year for all the maps to be available. The single player campaign set during the World War, should span for a couple of hours with a total of 20 chapters split into different episodes. Battlefield 1 is getting launched on October 21st.

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