OnePlus 3 OTA Update Fixes RAM Management and Color Accuracy

OnePlus 3 OTA Update

The OnePlus 3 may have been one of the most awaited devices of 2016 so far, but the phone disappointed in a number of ways including its memory management and color reproduction on the 5.5 inch display.

One of the strong points of the device was certainly the presence of 6 GB of RAM, but OnePlus 3 strangely decided to limit its availability in the hope of improving battery life. In the search for design perfection, the OnePlus 3 is substantially thinner than the OnePlus 2 and this has resulted in a smaller battery size.

After facing a lot of criticism with the color reproduction accuracy on the 5.5 inch display, OnePlus 3 was rumored to receive an update in the near future. The 5.5-inch display does not feature QHD resolution and instead continues with the same full HD specifications. This was the first major disappointment for consumers, but it has been a drop in the ocean compared with the problems regarding memory management and color accuracy. Both these aspects have just been fixed with an official update, which is now available for users as an OTA.

OnePlus 3

The update comes in the form of OxygenOS 3.2.0 and it claims to fix a number of issues. Superficially, it claims to address aspects like the RAM management, GPS performance, notification issues, camera quality, functionality, a few bugs in the clock and music apps, improved audio quality, and the addition of the sRGB mode in developer options for those looking to tweak the color accuracy of the display. All these aspects will significantly improve a device, which looks perfect on paper in almost every regard.

It remains to be seen if the changes made to RAM management negatively affects the battery life. Coming in at just around 400 MB, the update is now available in majority of the regions. Up until now, users have been cautious before changing aspects like memory management on the device; it was largely because such options were available to the user only after rooting, which voids the warranty. Despite having 6 GB of RAM, the OnePlus 3 frequently closes applications and it almost feels like operating a device that has half the amount of RAM. The phone retails at around $470, which is significantly higher than the original OnePlus 2. One of the main selling points of the device was its low sticker price compared to other high-end smartphones.

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