Rumours: Xiaomi Mi 5sSet to Offer 5.5 Inch Display and 6 GB of RAM

Xiaomi Mi 5 Black

Xiaomi has been rumored to be working on a replacement for the Xiaomi Mi 5 even though the phone came out only in April 2016.

It had a 5.15 inch display with full HD resolution and IPS panels.

The primary selling point of the device is the premium feel of the phone despite being priced competitively. At just 7.3 mm in thickness, it remains as one of the thinnest phones made by Xiaomi. A successor to the Xiaomi Mi 5 is reportedly set to be called as the Xiaomi Mi 5s.

The primary difference in the new version may be a new screen size, according to rumors. The 5.15-inch screen is not in the biggest in the current smartphone era. This may be a weak point and Xiaomi Mi 5s could address this issue by offering a 5.5-inch screen. This would bring it on par with phones like theOnePlus 3. Apart from the availability of a large display, it would be greatly beneficial for the Xiaomi Mi 5s to offer QHD resolution. As of now, no phone in the price range of around $300 offers this advantage and this includes the OnePlus 3 as well.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Other rumors about the Xiaomi Mi 5s point out to the availability of features like a snapdragon 820 processor. This aspect alone makes the device compete with the likes of the OnePlus 3, which are in the same price bracket. More importantly, Xiaomi has not just provided the processor in the best possible configuration, but it also is rumored to have equipped the Xiaomi Mi 5swith 6 GB of RAM. Many high end smartphones are expected to offer this amount of RAM as default in 2017. It seems that Xiaomi Mi 5s is already ready for the next generation.

Perhaps for the first time on an android device, the Xiaomi Mi 5s may come with force touch recognition. Apparently, this will work like 3D touch on Apple devices like the iPhone 6S by allowing the operating system to distinguish between a hard and a soft touch. This would open the though towards new possibilities and would be a major selling point indeed. Fingerprint sensor is the other option likely to be offered as default on the Xiaomi Mi 5s. It is rumored that an official announcement about the phone will come in the next few months with the availability set at a later date.

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