Battlefield 1 Xbox One S Bundle Features Redesigned Console And Controller

xbox one s

Microsoft has announced the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle which features a completely redesigned console and controller inspired by the World War I military shooter.

battlefield 1

The new console is the upgraded version of the Xbox One which offers HDR compatibility, has a slim design and is slightly powerful than the original edition. The first bundle is priced at $300 which includes a digital copy of Battlefield 1 and has 500 GB of hard disk space. The edition will hit stores on November 1st in the United States. It will be available exclusively through Microsoft store and Walmart.

Another edition features the same 500GB hard driveand has a unique storm grey console. The Xbox One S console includes a copy of the game. The only catch is that Battlefield 1 releases on October 1st. These special edition launches from Microsoft will be available only on November 1st, a full one week after the game’s launch.

The third Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundle is the biggest of them all which features a unique military green design and the same design element has been carried out in the controller. The bundle includes an early enlisterdeluxe digital copy of the game. To offer more value for the gamers, Microsoft and EA offers multiple DLC packs with the special edition.

If you are looking to experience the best of Battlefield 1, the military green console which also includes Red Baron pack, Hellfighter pack and the Lawrence of Arabia DLC packs. The console has a large 1 TB hard drive that’s more than enough space to store all your AAA titles at the same time. A new visual appearance will be added to the behemoth vehicles when you purchase the special edition console.

xbox one s

It is priced at $350 and will be available from October 18th. All three Xbox One Battlefield 1 bundles include one-month subscription to EA access. People who purchase the special edition will be able to play the game with the Early Enlister edition priced at $80. Those who purchase the bundle from the Gamestop will get a physical copy of Battlefield 1.

The beta for Battlefield 1 was a huge success on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC platforms. There is no word on if a special edition PS4 bundle will be available for the game. The World War I title will be available on all platforms on Oct 21st with massive 64-player battles.

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