Volvo V90 Cross Country Teaser Shows Car Under Wraps

Volvo V90 Cross Country Teaser

The auto brand has released a second teaser image for the Volvo V90 cross country model and this time the vehicle is covered under wraps.

The teaser image was revealed on their official Facebook page. Volvo earlier released a video on their social media page and has now come up with a new teaser, which also includes a tagline that reads adventure that knows no limits. Yours to own soon.

Volvo V90 Cross Country Teaser

It has been confirmed that the new high riding estate will be out in the middle of September. Volvo will complete their 90 series line up with this car. “Volvo car is truly defined by the Cross Country variants with most of its customers. People see it as the truly versatile model which can withstand extreme climatic conditions, varying roads and is designed to offer a comfortable experience irrespective of the situation outside,” said Hakan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo.

A heavily camouflaged version of the Volvo car was spotted earlier in Spain. The ride height has been considerably improved in the model. It confirmed that the brand is going for an off-road model that is stable even in rugged conditions. All cross country models will have a four-wheel drive setup by default. The design offers maximum torque and allows the car to readily go up steep roads.

The production version of the Volvo V90 Cross Country will be fitted with tough body cladding, rear skid plates and large roof rails. Brand new tires are being used in the cross country which readily tackles harsh surfaces. The powertrains to be used in the new model is the same as the one that is already being used by the Volvo XC90.A proposed powertrain is a four-cylinder petrol engine with capacity up to 395 horsepower. It can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds.

Volvo V90 Cross Country Teaser

A brand new interior has been planned for the Volvo V90 cross country. While the brand is keen on making the car’s exterior extremely rugged, the interiors are going to be feature rich with brand new sports seats and materials to compensate the overall experience. The safety features integrated will provide a completely satisfying journey to passengers on board.

Volvo is yet to reveal more details and show us how the new V90 cross country looks. When they do so, we will have more things to share about the car including its technical specifications.

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