Bethesda and Double Eleven Working Towards Developing Fresh Fallout 76 Content


Fallout 76, the massive action game launched in 2018, has been a major success for Bethesda Game Studios.

That is primarily the reason why the gaming publisher has been constantly trying to add new elements to it so that the fans remain happy. Upon its release, the game didn’t really take off but with time, it managed to find a loyal set of fans for itself.

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Bethesda Game Studios has now joined hands with Double Eleven, the company behind super-successful games like Rust, to create new content for Fallout 76. Apart from developing fresh content, the two companies will continue to work together to develop the game further. Lee Hutchinson, who serves as the CEO of Double Eleven, stated that collaborating with Bethesda Game Studios to develop this game has been a “dream come true” for the company. He also said that the company will share more information about this collaboration in the near future.

As per Double Eleven, the two companies started discussing the possibility of working together to develop the game in late 2020. Back then, the company had already put together some new content for the game that shall be launched as a part of the content roadmap for Fallout 76.

A while back, Besthesda Game Studios had spoken about putting together an elaborate 5-year plan for Fallout 76. Now, one is pretty sure about them being serious about taking the game to another level. Collaborating with Double Seven, a seasoned live-service studio, is a good step in that direction.

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Double Eleven has also made a formal announcement about its plans to get more developers on board to create content for Fallout 76. The ‘Careers’ page on the studio’s website has close to three dozen positions listed. These developers will not only work on Fallout 76 but on the other games published by the studio as well.

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