Bethesda Teases Hammerfell, Is it The Elder Scrolls 6 Location to Confirm?


When there is a post in the official the Elder Scrolls 6 or the Elder Scrolls Online social media account, it should definitely be taken into account.

After all, we often spend hours trying to decode many fan theories but if the developer talks about something, they would have obviously given us some breadcrumbs to look into before knowing what they are up to.

Getting lost in the rabbit hole is a repetitive process that lots of online enthusiasts get stuck in but we were not really scared of getting our hands dirty. When the official Twitter page of elder scrolls came with a mystic map that kind of pointed at Hammerfell, could it be the location that all of us should be focusing on?

Why would a company really throw something randomly if it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual game being in development for years now. It could be as simple as an expansion pack for the online edition but whatever the reason is, it doesn’t hurt to speculate and this could be the one we have all been waiting for.

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Take a Look at the Tweets

There isn’t much to really browse in and find some answers but one of the long time followers Michael claims that it is pretty clear now. According to an official post he made in his account, which also happens to have the official image shared by the TES community, the Elder Scrolls VI is set in Hammerfell. It is completely a teaser that they have always wanted to do because fans have been clamoring the internet for some information and instead of making them wait too long, they have provided an answer albeit being really short.

The same logic is being applied by multiple people on Twitter because what else could it be? Another tweet by Spideric, Rolex and many others confirmed the same. Besides, a large map of the province of Skyrim has also been showcased here for your convenience. Based on the lighting used in the particular tweet by the team, it seems the entire focus is on Hammerfell which is what the hype is all about.

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Another group of people claims it could be Akavir because of the stories associated with Skyrim in the books and in the previous game. The tweets are further included so you could read through the theory and find out why some think the story will be set in a different place but not the one speculated.

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