Final Update For Street Fighter Gets A Release

Street fighter

The final update for Street Fighter 5 has been launched with its Champion Edition.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this update in the last couple of months. Players can look forward to a variety of content in this update which has been named the ‘Definitive Update’.

Released in the year 2016, Street Fighter didn’t exactly get a rousing reception upon its release. However, its follow-up versions, namely Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, received a much more favorable response from the players. Now that Street Fighter 6 has been announced, Capcom is planning to conclude its work on Street Fighter 5 and channelize its energies towards developing the upcoming titles. In its Definitive Update, the gaming publisher has released a 79-page note along with a plethora of new content.

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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition’s Definitive Update consists of a cel-shading filter, battle balance update, Cap-Jams Remixes and a pixel filter. The pixel filter is responsible for the classic arcade aesthetic being included in the game. It takes players down memory lane and helps them relieve some of the moments associated with the earlier games in the Street Fighter series.

The unique cel-shading feature has enhanced the visual appeal of the game significantly. It is important to note that the pixel filters and the cel-shading feature can be accessed only when you play the game offline. The final update also includes five new tracks from Cap-Jams.

As per the 79-page long patch notes, the characters have been modified to such an extent that players are bound to observe some significant differences in the gameplay. The 2022 Premier Pass will mark the inclusion of 10,000 Fight Money, two fighter profile themes and recolors for all the 45 characters. During the Capcom Pro Tour, which is scheduled to be organized soon, every character will get to wear new tracksuits.

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Now that the Definitive Update has been launched, Capcom should maximize its efforts towards developing Street Fighter 6 and ensuring that it shapes up better than its predecessors.

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