Bethesda Softworks Includes Free Classic Elder Scrolls Games In Steam

Elder Scrolls Online

In February, Bethesda carried out a confirmation about bringing down the curtain on its proprietary PC game launcher.

It also stated that affected games will be moved back to Steam. Now that May 11, which happens to be the date of the shutdown, is inching closer, the company has begun the process of including some of its own classic games in Steam. Some of these games are being added to its digital storefront of Valve for the very first time.

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Recently, Bethesda incorporated five popular titles into Steam. Most of these are games belonging to the Elder Scrolls franchise. Two of its lesser-known spin-offs, namely Battlespire and Redguard, are a part of this roaster. The other games that have been added are The Elder Scrolls Arena, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

The interesting part is most of the aforementioned games are available on Steam for free. While Bethesda hasn’t specified whether these are temporary deals or ones that will be around for a long time, it would be advisable to stake your claim to these as quickly as you can. Redguard and Battlespire are not available for free download but at $6 each, these are not too expensive either.

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While these games stem from two very popular franchises, one must remember that these titles are quite old and are not in sync with many of the developments that have taken place in the world of gaming. Bethesda, it seems, has not really made any efforts towards upgrading these games before moving them to Steam. Having said that, there are a bunch of mods and tools that can significantly improve the experience of playing these classic games.

From today, which is on April 27, Bethesda has given players permission to move all their games, along with their wallet funds, to Steam. The Bethesda Launcher, as stated earlier, will shut down on May 11.

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