The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tribute Game Gets Included

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While conducting the High Isle Chapter Preview event recently, The Elder Scroll Online’s development team spilled the beans on Tales of Tribute, the new deck-building card game that has been widely talked about.

According to ESO’s Gameplay Lead Rob Garrett, the development team constantly works towards discovering new features and making other improvements to ESO. He further reminded one of the facts that the team has included a new gameplay element with every Chapter release that is rolled out annually. The team had been brainstorming on different ideas for a tavern game for quite some time and they believed having such a game as a part of The Elder Scrolls Online could help in breaking the monotony associated with playing an adventure game for a long time.

Tales of Tribute can be best described as a two-player deck-building card game that one can play against NPCs and other players you stumble upon within ESO. To emerge victorious in the game, you have to collect a certain amount of Victory Points.

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Each Patron in the game is linked to a specific kind of card. You can earn the favors of these Patrons by taking up different types of tasks. When you start playing the game, you have to think carefully and arrive at a proper strategy to move ahead. You could either focus on winning the favor of one Patron or work towards securing the favors of multiple Patrons.

While playing a match, you will work towards procuring cards from the Tavern. These cards will help you secure different types of ‘boons’ like power, coins and other types of abilities. These boons contribute greatly towards helping you get an edge over your opponents at different points in the game. The choices made by you during the gameplay determine how far you go.

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