BlackBerry Classic is Coming to an End, BB Confirms

BlackBerry Classic

The BlackBerry Classic is one of the best devices that the Canadian tech giant was still selling to the diehard fans of BB.

However, it is also one of the devices that will be losing out on the love the Senate has been showing to the company’s devices over the years. Apparently, BlackBerry has already dished out notices to the likes of AT&T and Verizon, informing them of the company’s decision to discontinue the production of all BlackBerry 10 smartphones, including the BlackBerry Classic.

Despite this move, the company will still be offering users of BlackBerry 10 devices the needed support as well as keep selling the devices as it looks to run out the current stock. BlackBerry’s move to stop the production of the BlackBerry Classic is seen as a huge stumbling block as the company looks to revive its mobile division.

“After many successful years in the smartphone industry, we have informed U.S. carriers that the manufacturing of the BlackBerry Classic will cease,” a company statement read.

As mentioned earlier, the BlackBerry Classic was one of the devices that could still attract diehard fans of BB devices. This is true because it retained the keyboard that had been missing on other BlackBerry 10 devices. The device also comes in with an amazing battery life and is touchscreen enabled, some found it weird for BlackBerry to include a trackpad as well as a seemingly old processor.

BlackBerry Classic

The fact that BlackBerry has not been doing great in the mobile world led to the company’s huge decision of coming in with a first Android-powered BB device known as the Priv. While this device was targeting the elite community, the company is reportedly working on two more devices that will be released later this year. One is said to come with a similar keyboard design that appears on the BlackBerry Priv while the other will feature an all-touchscreen design.

As for those who were still dreaming of owning a BlackBerry Classic phone, you’d rather do it now while stock still lasts. Whether or not BB will come back with devices based on its in-house platform in future is still unknown.

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