Windows 10 Upgrade is Free until July 29, OS will then Cost $120 – Get it Now

Windows 10

Have you upgraded your PC to the latest Windows 10 OS? If not, you will soon be required to pay $120 in order to get a full copy of the operating system together with a license key.

This month will make it one year since the first public Windows 10 was released. One year of improvements, fixes and upgrades is nothing to joke around with, something that makes the current version of the OS irresistible to upgrade to. In fact, there are very few reasons that one can table with respect to not upgrading to Windows 10 right now, especially now that is still free.

Any attempt to upgrade to Windows 10 after July 29 will attract a fee of $120 unless Microsoft has other things in mind. The OS has reportedly hit over 350 million devices and there is still room for more to come in during this last month. Of course, not everyone will agree, but the fact that such a huge number of people are already on board the Windows 10 bandwagon is an indicator that indeed the OS is a lot better than any of its predecessors – Windows 8 and 7.

Microsoft tried to improve its OS experience by coming in with a touch-centric Windows 8, but this failed to materialize as at the time, not so many computers had touch screens as with the case right now. Windows 7 was a success thanks to the fact that it was here at a time when PCs were a mere connection of monitors, keyboards, mice, and so on, but today, all of these things have been incorporated into a single entity.

What Windows 10 does is to combine the best of both Windows 8 and 7, without clashing anything. It adds support for tablet mode when you want to use the inbuilt mouse and keyboard. It gets even better with the new OS as users can now enjoy biometric sign-ins instead of using passwords. In case there is no support for biometrics on your PC, there is room to stay clear off passwords by using a 4-digit PIN.

Windows 10

In addition to bringing in Microsoft Edge browser in place of IE, the OS also comes with a digital assistant called Cortana. This enables you to interact with your PC hands-free.

A major Windows 10 upgrade set for August 2

One of the major reasons that many of those who haven’t yet upgraded to the new Windows 10 have is that this OS is still a work in progress. Well, this is true. However, the Redmond Company has designed the new OS, unlike the previous versions. The OS regularly receives small updates that are aimed at improving every aspect of its performance. There is a bigger one set for August 2 and is expected to bring more uses for the digital assistant, among other updates.

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you can follow this link and get the free upgrade while it lasts.

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