BMW Announces Model Fleet : i8 Protonic Frozen Black and Yellow Edition Ahead of Geneva Motor Show 2017

BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition

BMW has announced the long awaited Protonic Frozen Black and the Protonic Frozen Yellow to be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show of 2017.

The Motor show is considered one of the most high profile auto events in a year and BMW has already made an announcement regarding the model fleet to be presented at the show.

BMW i8 Frozen Yellow Edition 8

New Introductions

BMW is planning to make a powerful appearance with many vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show of 2017 in the beginning of next month. The BMW i8 will come in the form of a limited edition version. Three years before, the BMW i8 was available in Ionic silver as well as crystal white and the Sophisto gray colors. Later came the Protonic blue and the Protonic Red.

Unique Color Options

BMW will be introducing the BMW 5 Series Touring along with the 4 Series facelifted vehicles. Along with these, the company will also launch the 2017 BMW, i8 Protonic Frozen, Black Edition and the Protonic Frozen Yellow edition. This will bring the total of the color options available in the i8 to 12, including the first four-color options.

The Frozen Black edition comes with a customized exterior finish in black with additional bespoke options seen in the interior. As for the Protonic Frozen Yellow, it will offer a customized yellow exterior, along with unique inclusions within the cabin of the car.

After the introduction at the Geneva Motor Show, it is expected that the 2017 BMW i8, Protonic Frozen, Black Edition will be the first of the company’s new vehicles to hit the market. This will probably be followed by the Protonic Frozen Yellow version.

Gorgeous Exteriors

The new cars will be part of the range of models released under the paint scheme of Java Green and Speed Yellow, along with the Solar Orange, the Twilight Purple Pearl, the Frozel Black, San Marino Blue, the GrigioTelesto Pearl. The Protonic Red and Blue, being in the special edition category, then followed this paint range.

Style and Features

Apart from the gorgeous exterior presented by the range of the above-mentioned colors, the new 2017 BMW i8 is a limited run edition, coming with many styling features on the interior as well. These include a headliner that has anthracite color, with grey colored seat belts and having ceramic accents, etc.

BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition

Sheer Power of Engine

As for the engine on the upcoming 2017 BMW i8, the Frozen Black version comes with the plug in hybrid drivetrain, consisting of fifteen 3 cylinder, turbocharged, TwinPower engine with 231 horsepower, sending power towards its rear axle. An electric drive systemis coupled with the traditional mill, adding 131 hp, which goes to the front.

Enabled with all this power, the hybrid car can sprint from 0 km per hour to 100 km per hour within a matter of 4.1 seconds. This makes it all the more outstanding when compared to the M3 or the M4. The complete electric car range has also been set at a range of 35 km, topped with 120 km per hour, having an overall km range of 530.

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