Rumors: Model Numbers of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Next Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 went off the market to give a huge burden for the company to overcome.

They plan to overcome the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco by ensuring that the new device comes with class leading elements but in the Samsung Galaxy S8 form. The device is set to offer’s leading elements like a 4K display panel and a snapdragon 830 processor. Quite a number of aspects of the Galaxy S8 have been rumored, but for the first time, rumors about the next generation Galaxy Note has also cropped up.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung were not going to pull down the Galaxy Note series after just one device failing to meet the standards. The company are very much a certain to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, although it remains to be seen if the company can tackle the numerous online trolls. The South Korean giant recently went after all the trolls of the Galaxy Note 7 as the company felt that it was becoming a PR disaster. The Galaxy Note 7 may have failed to meet the safety standards expected from a smartphone, but it had all the features capable of being much better than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Aware that the Apple iPhone 7 Plus was going to bring several differentiating elements between it and the smaller Apple iPhone 7. It was clear that the larger Apple device was directly targeting the Samsung Galaxy Note after failing to do so in recent years. The presence of the S-Pen made the Galaxy Note 7 and several other predecessors unique in comparison with the iPhone’s Plus variants which did not offer much apart from the large screen size.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The model numbers of the Samsung Galaxy S8 have also cropped up in the latest rumors. The Galaxy S6 came with the SM-G920 model number while the successor featured the SM-G930 number. Hence, it would have been thought that the Galaxy S8 would be on the lines ofSM-G940. However, it has not been the case and the Galaxy S8 would come with SM-G950 could number. This either signifies a major jump for the phone or Samsung wants to completely do away with anything concerned with the Galaxy Note 7.

After all, the Galaxy S8 would have taken several elements from the Galaxy Note 7 if the past behavior of the company is taken into account. The same rumors also confirmed the existence of the SM-N950, which denotes the next Note.

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