BMW Plans to Bring at least Five SUVs to Store by 2019


BMW is going on a SUV spree as the auto brand has come up with multiple models and at least five of them are poised to get launched by 2019.

The booming world of crossovers and small SUVs has piqued the interest of every automobile manufacturer out there. It is simply too good to miss and BMW got into the race to prove their mettle. Despite the list of cars they already have in their lineup, the company decided to go hybrid and all SUV. There will be five BMW X models to be confirmed within 24 months and the first of the lot is most probably the X3 edition.


The BMW X3 SUV is a facelifted version of the earlier model with lighter chassis and a sleek look. With the lightweight chassis, the car is more than capable of offering improved performance and fuel efficiency, things that buyers would always expect in any entry level model. The car is being built on a platform that is already used by Porsche Macan and Audi Q5. The car will be longer in size offering more boot space with a reliable powertrain.

Next in the lineup is the BMW X2 which is a small SUV. The official announcement for the model is expected to take place towards the end of 2017. While the big reveal is still in the far future, we do know how it looks as a concept model which was showcased at the Paris Motor show this year. The pricing of the car expected to be under 30k in British Pounds will be an important decision factor for buyers. It will offer diesel engines and four cylinder petrol engine choices to go with.

The BMW X4 integrates a new front chassis technology already being used in the X3. The four door coupe will retain its overall design and focuses more on performance than practicality. The list doesn’t end at all as there is the BMW X5 and the X7 models. The X5 will sport subtle yet useful exterior design tweaks and is built on the same architecture as the large seven seater X7 SUV. The company has planned to launch a hybrid model in order to provide a choice for people who wish to explore the convenience of using an electric motor.


With so many models, BMW aims to become an appealing brand to its customers and will launch them one by one in the next two to three years. Technical specification, pricing and availability of these models are still sparse but we will know them all once the official announcement is made.

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