Exciting New Games Added To Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program

New Games Added To Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program

Microsoft has confirmed an exciting list of new game titles ready to find its way to the Xbox One console.

All these Xbox 360 titles are being converted as part of the backward compatibility program.

Over 200 different titles are available at the moment. A couple of hours ago, it was a rumor. Microsoft has now officially confirmed the list of titles coming to the new Xbox One platform.At least eight different titles were confirmed at the moment but it looks like more of them are heading to the platform. These titles if owned previously by their owners can be played by using their compact discs. Others can readily purchase them at the digital store and experience the best of nostalgia on a new generation console.

Emulating an older console like the Xbox 360 is not an easy task. It has always posed a lot of issues which is why Sony didn’t offer such a feature with their Playstation 4 console. Instead, they allowed players to make use of a paid service where one can download and play a game from virtual servers. In other words, it’s just the same machine that runs the game instead of forcing the PS4 to do it.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Microsoft is taking steps to ensure they keep their gamers happy. They announced the backward compatibility program and has been rolling out back to back titles, one after the other. The latest set of games to join the fray are, Sonic the Hedgehog Episodes 1 & 2, Crystal Defenders, Pac Man Museum, Bionic Command Rearmed 2, Fret Nice, Arcade Cabinet from Capcom and Neogeo Battle Colliseum.

In the recent past, the company rolled out titles to the Xbox One console as part of the backward compatibility program. They were Flock, Tour de France 2009, Super Mega Neo Climax, Half Minute Hero. It’s like the second time this week they are announcing more titles. People who own these games would definitely be overjoyed to be able to play the titles on the Xbox One console.

There is a new Xbox One S coming with renewed hardware and a huge 2 TB hard disk. It is probably the last of the upgrades as Microsoft has already announced the Xbox Scorpio, a truly next gen hardware designed to handle gaming in 4K. Can consoles really compete with PCs and offer an ultra-rich gaming experience? Scorpio should have the answers.

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