BMW X2 SUV Gets First Teaser Look at Milan Fashion Week Ahead of Launch


The BMW X2 SUV is scheduled for 2018 launch but before the official reveal, the auto brand has decided to keep buyers interested in their model.

They have rolled out a camouflaged version of the car which reveals very little of its design yet piques interest like never before.

The car is being displayed at the Milan Fashion Week. While for some it may look new, there are many spy shots that are already rolled out online. The newest images show a slanting roofline in the sporty crossover and has a reduced glass area, making it look sleek with an upright posture when compared with the X1. The designers behind the model are keen on keeping things a secret but the interiors got leaked earlier. It confirmed that BMW is not going for any radical changes and uses the same three-spoke steering wheel, infotainment system combined with climate controls.

BMW X2 SUV Milan Fashion Week

The dashboard design and the list of features on the BMW X2 SUV is very similar to the X1 SUV. Based on the announcements made by the company so far, the new crossover model is scheduled for a grand launch in 2018. However, they have adopted a new marketing strategy in which things are being revealed one after the other. The new car is built on top of the X1 platform which allows engineers to seamlessly integrate the front wheel drive setup. Buyers who demand improved performance will obviously go for the top of the line variants which will support all-wheel drive system in the X2 SUV.

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Compared to the front side of the car, the rear end has received some noticeable changes. There are two exhaust exists, smaller skid plate and the size of the rear taillight has received a significant increase in size. The budget variants of the car will sport a single exhaust system. Both petrol and diesel engine variants will be provided by the automobile manufacturer including turbocharged, four cylinder variants that offer improved horsepower.

BMW X2 SUV first look teaser

Despite all the leaked photos and teaser shots, the BMW X2 SUV crossover is still in its production stage and the final design may vary from what we have soon far. It is expected that the model’s finalized production version is expected to be revealed by the end of 2017 after which it will hit dealership stores in the first half of 2018. The compact crossover is designed to fill the gap between the X1 and X3 SUVs.

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