Google Authenticator App Adds 2-Step Verification for Nintendo Switch


Security is an important aspect in the world of technology where services and websites get hacked from time to time.

Similar to Xbox One and PS4, Nintendo has a vast library of games, online services and any account associated with it could lose access to all their purchases if hacked.

Google has been at the forefront of security ever since they launched their e-mail and Google Drive services decades ago. The company provides 2-step authentication and verification every time you try to login to your account from a new computer. There is an option to choose Gmail to remember that PC or laptop so that it wouldn’t ask for a code again.

nintendo switch

The search engine giant further simplified the process by allowing users to simply tap a button on their Android smartphones whenever they need to gain access to their accounts on a different machine. Relying on this technical expertise Google has, Nintendo has partnered with the company to finally provide two step authentication for their customers.

Compared to Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo is extremely late to the game. The fact that Wii and Wii U consoles were never much of a multiplayer platform allowed them to stay offline all these years. However, with Nintendo Switch everything is changing now as it provides better connectivity and allows users to buy most of their games over the eShop. The digital store is in a much better position because games get launched in it first before it gets an official release on the memory cards.

Google Authenticator App

Nintendo now rolled out support for 2-step verification and the process is carried out with the help of the Google authenticator app. Security codes will be generated by this app before you can login to your account and access your games or other services. Sony’s Playstation 4 console got the feature just a year ago.

Players when logging into the Playstation Network should enter codes sent to them through text SMS. PC gaming platform Steam does the same in which gamers should find a code sent to their e-mail id. It was a tough process which was finally simplified when Android app authentication was rolled out in 2015. Microsoft was the first to the security game as they activated two-step verification for their Xbox consoles as early as 2014 making it a safe zone for gamers. Nintendo Switch has took the leap and joins the league in an era where malware is distributed through trusted sources, when you just can’t be too careful.

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