Facebook Messenger May Soon Get a Dislike Reaction, Not a Dislike Button

Facebook Messenger dislike

The newest update from Facebook is that the developers are planning to add a Dislike reaction to the Facebook Messenger app real soon allowing people to emote more naturally rather than being stuck with the existing reactions.

If they don’t like a specific content, they can show it easily now.

Facebook Messenger

For a very long time, users have been requesting the team to add a dislike button to the Facebook social media platform. While websites like Youtube already have a like and dislike button, using the same in here could create some issues. People are more acidic and criticize almost every content on FB that deterred the developers from adding an actual button to let content creators know you don’t like it.

After mulling over the same, they have instead arrived on the next best thing. The news comes from a tech blogger named Hoan Do. The Facebook team is testing various reactions to make the Messenger app more interactive. Whenever you hover your mouse over the reactions icon, it will show a list of available emoticons. You will be able to see a full list of all the reactions your friends and others have on the specific emoji area.

The new feature which is a dislike/ hands down button will be added to this Emoji reactions list to make Messenger app more fun and engaging. It may not be the actual dislike button we are looking for but it still is a much better way to show what you liked or didn’t like.

Facebook Messenger dislike

The feature is being tested in the Facebook Messenger app on all platforms including iOS and Android. The initial group of testers will try to use the dislike reaction in posts and see how it works. It will also be rolled out to a specific group of users in general public to get their feedback. Only if the testing team approves, the dislike will be added to the app and be available for all users around the globe.

The negativity that surrounds news feed has always deterred Facebook from implementing the dislike button. It was expected that it could lead to too much criticism and people may end up using the button more than the like button. Times have changed and the app now wants to give users what they want through the reactions options. It will be introduced when they confirm that there is a need for a dislike reaction among general users.

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