Would you buy the HTC U11 if the price was $100 cheaper?


The HTC U11 was unveiled in mid-May and hit the U.S. market almost a month later. Here, the phone is carried exclusively by Sprint, a carrier not so many people are into.

The carrier is selling the U11 at $696 outright or $29 monthly installments for two years. If you opt to get it unlocked, the official HTC website and Amazon are selling it at $649, which is cheaper for anyone looking to get the phone outright.

It’s true that the HTC U11 has received some rave reviews over the short period it has been around. Whether it’s the solar red color finish or the innovative Edge Sense feature, however, this is nowhere near where the company expected. In the recent years, HTC has been performing poorly in the smartphone market and with the release of innovative and very powerful U11, the tech giant was hoping that things will be better.

Of course, things are much better when compared to the HTC 10 or One M9. In fact, things could have been a lot better if the price of the HTC U11 was a little cheaper, probably $100 less, right? Quite a good number of people will agree on this one, especially due to the lack of appreciation the company has been seeing over the recent past despite all manners of efforts.

If the U11 cost about $550 for the base model, for instance, there are no doubts that people would still be buying the phone day in day out. However, the steeper price, which is not even that heavy when compared to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, appears to be a stumbling block in HTC’s efforts to regain a significant market share in the mobile industry.

Otherwise, the phone has a decent specs sheet, top notch features as well as a great build that you’d expect from any premium phone. You also get a camera that has received the highest ever DxO Mark ranking of 90, which means it’s better than the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

What do you think? Would you buy the HTC U11 if it were $100 cheaper? Let us know in your comments below.

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