Buying an iPhone X on Launch Date Will Be Tough Due to Production Issues

iPhone X

Apple iPhone X was a huge launch during the conference because it is supposedly the iPhone 10 that brings about a huge change in the world of smartphones once again, according to the company.

But, it is going to be extremely difficult to buy one because only 2 to 3 million units will be shipped for launch date.

In the past, iconic launches from the company was met with much fanfare. People used to queue up hours before the launch day and paid the entire sum to buy an iPhone first hand. The trend continued all over the world and there were even substitutes who purchased one only to sell it outside for increased prices.

Buying an iPhone X on Launch Date

However, when the iPhone 8 got launched no one cared much about it because it is the same phone as the iPhone 7 but with a different processor and better performance. The Apple iPhone X may bring back that buying frenzy due to the extremely limited quantity available. Production issues continue because of the unconventional components the engineers have used to make the device stand apart from competition.

While the official production unit claims that the worst is over for the phone, it still is far behind its proposed numbers for launch day. Within the next few months, they are supposed to deliver 30 to 35 million models to cope up with the holiday rush. But, only 25 to 30 million units will be delivered in the next three months creating further shortage during Christmas.

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Apple’s primary focus is on United States where they might end up giving reasons to a lot of customers due to shortage of iPhone X. The issue has been caused by the usage of wide-angle rear camera lens unlike the conventional dual lens used by Samsung or Huawei.

Buying an iPhone X on Launch Date Will Due to Production Issues

Interflex is the official supplier for Apple who has been struggling to deliver the type of PCB the phone requires to support the telephoto, wide-angle lens. They earlier faced quality issues and got lots of deliveries rejected by the company forcing them to go into production again. Another issue is the infrared dot projector used in the TrueDepth camera.

The camera didn’t work as intended which will create issues in facial recognition which is the only way to get inside an Apple iPhone X now as there’s no fingerprint sensor. It is now fixed but issues continue in terms of collecting the necessary hardware which will make it tough to buy the new model on launch date or at least for the next few months.

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