Whatsapp Implements Beta Channel for Business in Select Countries


Whatsapp Business is expanding to new countries but not directly as the developers want to ensure it works properly as intended.

A new public beta channel has been established in select countries and if you live in one of them, you can sign up to make use of those features.

The link to join the beta program has been provided below so that anyone can make use of the opportunity to explore all the features earlier than having to wait for the official rollout. At the moment, the program is available only in Indonesia, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and India.

Whatsapp Implements Beta Channel for Business

So far, most Indonesians have confirmed that they were able to access the Business features. A detailed guide has been provided here for your convenience. Make sure to follow all the steps and in case it doesn’t work, it denotes that the country you live in is not supported by Whatsapp at the moment and it may take a couple of weeks for it work properly.

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How to Activate Whatsapp Business Beta?

  • Click on this link to start off.
  • Check to see if the version of the app provided in it works. If it does, proceed further.
  • For countries that are not supported by Whatsapp Business, the app will not install and you may have to wait further for the beta program to roll out.
  • After installing the app, register your company’s phone number.
  • If you enter your own phone number, it will not work and will display an error message requesting you to enter a unique business number.
  • After successfully completing all the processes, you should be able to edit your business information and setup an account.

The steps are pretty simple but if Whatsapp Business is not rolled out in your country yet, it may display some error messages at one point or the other. There is no other way to bypass this because there are strict restrictions in place to avoid people in multiple countries using the business feature.

Whatsapp Implements Beta Channel for Business in Select Countries

After all, Whatsapp may not be able to manage all users at once if their servers witness a sudden spike. Business owners may want to provide the best service for their customers as it determines brand integrity and the name they have earned so far. Whatsapp developers want to ensure they provide the best service which is why a sequential rollout is in progress to select countries. It is available only on Android for now and an iOS beta data is not known at this point.

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