Call Of Duty Mobile Makes An Official Announcement About Its Fifth Season

Call of duty mobile

Activision Blizzard’s Call Of Duty, which is a free-to-play game, is gearing up for its fifth season.

The publisher just confirmed that it will have a tropical theme. This theme will encompass a variety of things including weapon blueprints, a tropical map, seasonal challenges, weapon charms and a themed event, among others.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogsmarked the comeback of many popular characters in the game. These were characters that one had seen in the earlier games that were spawned out of the Call of Duty franchise. Season 5 is expected to feature largely female characters. The new map, which will soon be arriving on Call of Duty Mobile, is called Tropical Vision. This is the same map that had featured in a Call of Duty title in the past. The players had used this map to find their way in a particular situation where they had to move through a dense forest to fight with enemy soldiers.

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With the arrival of Season 5 Tropical Vision, one will witness the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Apocalypse being a part of the map rotation of Call of Duty Mobile. The map will take you through a three-lane structure via several open spaces. The upcoming season will feature a new game mode in the form of Guns Blazing Encore. Playing the game in this mode shall result in turning players into super-soldiers and arm them with dual Death Machines and better health.

Call of Duty Mobile has stated that the Tropical Vision’s Battle Pass will feature a bunch of items that will have different values. Interestingly, you will find most of these items when you get a Premium Pass. As you keep moving forward in the Battle Pass, you will come across many powerful weapons like the Oden assault rifle, Echo grenade and Tiki Troops shotgun. You will also find Blueprints for many other weapons like the AK-47, Kilo sniper rifle, PKM and MSMC.

Many of the fans of Call of Duty Mobile are quite happy with all that they will gain access to once the fifth season is launched, there are many who are upset with the absence of a Tournament mode. Many players have pointed out that Ranked matchmaking has certain issues that need to be resolved. When the fifth season is launched, it would be interesting to see if Activision manages to incorporate some surprising elements in it.

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