Call of Duty: Warzone’s Operation Monarch Might Take The Game In A New Direction

COD Warzone 2

Experts are of the opinion that Operation Monarch could alter the way the battle royale will dish out content in the times to come.

Activision Blizzard has made a neat profit on Call of Duty: Warzone. It continues to sell well and has been widely acknowledged as one of the most successful games to have been launched in the battle royale shooter space in recent times. The massive success received by the game has compelled the gaming publisher to channelizing its energies towards propelling its growth ahead.

Call of Duty: Warzone, like most other live-service games, has benefitted from new content being added to it regularly. Seasonal updates, as far as this game is concerned, are quite common. The regular updates being rolled out are one of the major reasons behind the game doing so well. The third season of the game, which was launched recently, will soon mark the arrival of Operation Monarch.

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The introduction of Operation Monarch is touted to be a huge event for the gaming franchise. Scheduled to kick-start on May 11, one hopes Operation Monarch to be accessible for at least two weeks as a live in-game event. Operation Monarch is expected to push Season 3’s narrative further in an interactive space.

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Operation Monarch is going to be an exciting event for fans for multiple reasons. At one point, fans can expect to see a major fight unfolding between King Kong and Godzilla. Though one doesn’t know much about this interactive live event at the moment, fans are getting goosebumps by just imagining a fight taking place between two of the most iconic monsters in pop culture.

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There are reports about Operation Monarch setting the tone for Season 3. It is supposed to be the first full-fledged live event to take place within the Warzone universe. It has been heard that it has been designed to enhance the in-game experience of the players. In today’s times, most gamers look forward to experiencing in-game interactive events. Operation Monarch might emerge as one of the biggest events in this domain.

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