Call of Duty Refutes Claims of Warzone Being Considered To Be the Third Game Mode of 2022

Call of Duty

Ever since it was released in 2020, Call of Duty League has aggressively promoted a bunch of Warzone tournaments.

The Call of Duty battle royale is supposed to be heading towards a crossover with the arrival of 2022. With Vanguard being in close focus and no clarity on which one will emerge as the third competitive game mode.

Crimsix, the most successful player of CoD, claimed that a voting process was organized behind the scenes. This was done to finalize a game mode to accompany S&D and Hardpoint. Though the slot features Control at the moment, Crimsix claimed that the CDL had earlier considered Warzone. In a recently conducted Twitch stream, Crimsix stated that players were just “one vote away” from getting the opportunity to play Warzone.


Crimsix has discussed this situation in the past as well. A couple of days back, he had dropped a hint about Warzone being the third mode. During a broadcast conducted earlier, he confidently asserted that the Call of Duty team is not even considering Control. Without naming Warzone, Crimsix stated that it’s “extreme as Prop Hunt”.

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While Crimsix stuck to his statements, a CDL Player Relations Manager named Spencer Peterson clarified that there is no truth to the claims made by Crimsix. While Crimsix has not retracted his statements, it’s now hard to believe in what he has said so far as a proper clarification has come from the official sources.

One still waits for the third mode to be announced. Though Control was launched in Season 1, it was said that the playlist was not feasible because of the presence of a large number of bugs. One has to now wait for a while to find out whether the bugs would be fixed in due course of time or not. What one is sure about is the fact that if CDL stays true to its word, one won’t get to see Warzone being a part of the 2022 season.

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