PUBG New State Receives New Anti-Cheat Update To Deal With Cheaters

Pubg new state

Krafton has released a brand new anti-cheat update designed for PUBG New State. Recently, the development team confirmed about the anti-cheat update being live.

According to the team, this is one of the first steps that has been taken with an aim to control the activities of cheaters on the game. They are hopeful that this anti-cheat update will reduce the chances of players using unscrupulous means to get ahead in the game.

Last month, Krafton had released an anti-cheat update for the game and the company has plans to roll out such updates at regular intervals. After releasing each update, the team will closely monitor whether it managed to have a significant effect as far as obstructing the activities of cheaters is concerned.

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It is a well-known fact that cheating is one of the most pertinent problems in online multiplayer games. Cheaters procure certain tools that work like malware and hack the game with specialized code that alters the way it functions. In the last couple of years, these types of tools have become very powerful and complex.

The popularity of these tools can be gauged by the fact that there are countless underground forums and communities that work towards making sure that wallhacks and aimbots do not get detected. In the past, many gaming companies had given their developers the task of coming up with methods to control these notorious activities.

The development team of PUBG New State posted a tweet that said, “Today, we have updated our anti-cheat system and added additional logic.”

The team has assured gamers that it will take stringent action against those who are found to be involved in cheating activities and engage in abusive behavior. Since the new anti-cheat update has been rolled out just recently, it will take a while to find out the kind of effect it has on PUBG New State matches.

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The development team of Battlegrounds Mobile India, another prominent mobile game by Krafton, has begun taking extreme measures against players who resort to cheating while playing the game. Krafton has started the process of banning the devices of those who are found to be cheating in BGMI. As of now, Krafton has not imposed any hardware bans for cheaters who play PUBG New State but there is a possibility of that happening in the near future.

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