CES 2018 Highlights: Amazon, LG, Asus and Many More Announcements

CES 2018 Highlights LG, Asus and Many More Announcements

The Consumer Electronics Show is a popular event around the globe because world’s most known brands and companies will come together to showcase their products.

The CES 2018 has come to a grand close and there are so many products to look forward.

As with every year, the manufacturers who make home appliances and household products managed to hog the limelight. Companies like LG and Samsung were some of the biggest players in the event but Amazon, Asus, Acer and many other brands including those that make popular PC peripherals also made their presence felt in the event.

CES 2018 Highlights Amazon, LG, Asus and Many More Announcements

Amazon’s Alexa Dominated CES 2018

Amazon’s voice AI Alexa managed to dominate the entire event by being integrated into so many devices than you could probably count. While the company didn’t directly attend the event, their product Alexa was found in a range of devices including Kohler’s mirror which had the AI inside it. Sounds more like the one from the fairy tales but it was an actual product. The AI was also found in LG’s refrigerator, so many computers and even headphones, watches.

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Asus’s Range of Devices

Asus launched the ZenBook 13 which is a direct competitor for the Macbook. All companies want to compete with Apple and beat them at their own game. But, except for the fact that they offer a Windows 10 experience, the Mac continues to be on top of the food chain and companies continue to fight against it. Asus also launched the Lyra Voice which is an Alexa powered speaker and had the capability to find network issues in your home Wifi setup.

CES 2018 Highlights Amazon, LG

Blackberry’s Product Lineup at CES 2018

Blackberry is going to wait for Mobile World Congress to launch their new Android powered smartphones but they did unveil a new color for their existing model. There would be at least two new Blackberry devices which will be launched before the end of 2018 and based on their success, newer models will be unveiled in the same year or the next.

LG Ruled the Show Floor

LG being the company known for home appliances managed to steal the show with the largest television in the world featuring a 8K display and a whole lot of home appliances. The company unveiled the LG Gram laptops, OLED and Super UHD LED TVs and even a Smart display powered by Google Assistant.They also announced the Smart ThinQ speaker which has Google Assistant built in.

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