Kinda Blue Google Pixel 2 is now available via Google Project Fi

Kinda Blue Google Pixel 2

Despite all the negative publicity the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have received during their short existence, the pair is still the go-to smartphones for any diehard Android fan out there. This is the only phone that promises to get you timely software updates, which is the kind of thing diehard Android fans are always looking for.

When the two phones went public back in October 2017, Google confirmed that they will be sold in three color variants – or at least for the standard Pixel 2. The bigger Pixel 2 XL only got two color variants of Black & White and Just Black, but the smaller one got three color options of Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue, the latter of which was a Verizon exclusive.

This meant that for anyone who wanted the Kinda Blue color variant of the Google Pixel 2, the only channel was to get it via the Big Red, but this is no more. A quick look at the official Google Project Fi store reveals that the Kinda Blue Pixel 2 is no longer a Verizon exclusive. This should be a welcome idea for Project Fi users who wanted this model and nothing to do with the carrier model, but what about those who still don’t want anything to do with Fi?

Well, another quick look at the official Google Store further reveals that the Kinda Blue color variant is also selling as an unlocked model on the Big G’s online store. While this is more than a welcome move for fans of the Pixel 2, the only problem is that the phone seems to be available only in one storage option – 64GB.

The Google Pixel 2 has two storage options, with the high-end model shipping with 128GB of internal storage. Even though there’s no Kinda Blue variant of the 128GB model, it’s still better than having none at all.

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