Chery, a Chinese Brand to Launch New SUV at Frankfurt Motor Show

chery suv frankfurt motor

While the big automobile manufacturers are fighting to acquire the top spot, a state-owned car manufacturer from China named Chery has joined the race.

The brand has confirmed that they will launch their new SUV at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show.

The biggest auto expo of all time is about to take place shortly and is one of the best platforms for car makers to showcase their new creations to the European. Majority of the models shown at the expo are often geared to appease buyers in the reason. The upcoming SUV will be on the same lines which is still in its pre-production form. The firm has released a bunch of teasers to give buyers an idea of what to expect when the car is fully compete and ready to hit dealership stores.

Chery compact suv

Based on the photos released so far, the car features a wide front grille with LED headlights and a single LED strip runs throughout the front end. It gives a very sleek profile to the SUV even though it has a very large footprint. The company didn’t reveal too much information about the kind of powertrain being used in the car. Even though, it is manufactured by a state-owned company located in China, the ultimate goal for the brand is to find customers in Europe, US and UK so as to make it into a complete auto brand in the lines of BMW, Honda and Ford.

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In order to make things feasible, Chery is going to setup its own R&D facility in Europe. The research facility in the near future is being planned to be converted into a production facility as well. According to the top executives from the brand, they are planning to sell cars in the region within few years and plan to expand with all the basic sedan, SUV, coupe among other variants.

Chery chinese suv

A surprising addition is that Chery is also planning to launch plug-in hybrid models, electric cars and possibly even autonomous models in the coming years. The research and investment it requires to make it possible is very high which is why the company has all these plans lined up for one step at a time in the highly congested automobile market. A lot of Chinese manufacturers have joined the race but has dropped prematurely. The new brand Chery plans to keep things practical and release their models one by one building a strong customer base in due time.

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