Google Launches Search Lite App, Uses Less Data and is More Responsive

Google Search Lite App

With increasing number of apps, users end up using a whole lot of data than what they originally intend to.

It led to a whole new world of Lite apps! There is Facebook Lite, Microsoft’s own set of apps and now Google joins the fray.

The Search Lite is the new app to hit the Google Play Store. However, it is limited only to those who live in Indonesia and will be released in India among other developing countries. Compared to the Western regions like US, UK, these countries have limited access to data and internet availability is very sparse. A lot of cities still rely on 2G and 3G internet connections which is where Google aims to make their search service more popular by making it data friendly. Besides, the smaller app size should make it easier to work on entry level smartphones and consume very little data.

Google Search Lite App look

Apart from being a reliable platform to search whatever the user likes to find, it will also serve as a source for latest news, weather updates and provide nearby locations. For travellers, the Search Lite is a boon because they will no longer have to worry about getting lost as it comes with a built-in translation feature so that you can easily translate words from your local tongue to anything those in the region would understand.

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Users can search using text as well as voice making it easy to access the feature whenever they need it. Another nifty and useful feature integrated by the developers is the ability to open web pages within the search app, in Lite mode. The app is still in its early stages and it might take some time before it is rolled out to users worldwide. Besides, it may not reach those in countries where internet is fast enough to access content without having to use a lite mode.

Google Search Lite App less

For everyone else, the Google Search Lite app is definitely a dream come true especially for those people in India. With over a billion population, the search engine giant is interested in bringing those people on board and make them use their services, a potentially untapped market. The number of Google search users will also drastically improve when the app works on entry level smartphones without any hassles and provides them the search results they need. Indonesian users can download the APK file directly while a full Google Play rollout might take some time.

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