Chevrolet Trailblazer Gets a Heavy Price Cut in India to Woo Its Customers in the Festive Season

2016 chevrolet trailblazer

The Chevrolet Trailblazer was launched in India in 2015 to compete with Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner.

It was priced at Rs. 26.40 lakh at the time of its launch. After the budget was announced for the current fiscal year, all the automobile makers were forced to hike the prices of their vehicles in India and so the price of the Trailblazer SUV was also revised to Rs. 26.99 lakh.

Now, the brand new Trailblazer from the American car maker, Chevrolet has been given a huge cut in its price in the Indian automobile market. The prices of the flagship SUV from Chevrolet has been cut down by almost Rs. 3.0 lakh. Making it quite a compelling offer amidst the festive season to the Indian customers, the Trailblazer SUV which comes only as a single LTZ variant in the Indian market will be now available at Rs. 23.95 lakh (ex-showroom price in Delhi) after the price reduction.

chevrolet trailblazer

The Vice President of Sales at General Motors, India, said about the price cut that this special price of the Trailblazer is being offered as a special festive offer and year end pricing. The official also mentioned that it is an approximately Rs. 3.0 lakh price cut, making it Rs. 23.95 lakhs against the original price of Rs. 26.99 lakhs. The company shall be reviewing the price once the New Year begins.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer was launched last year in October and has completed one year of its journey in the Indian automobile market. The company is currently retailing the Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV in the Indian market as a CBU (completely built-up) product. This explains why the SUV has been priced at such a high price though it misses out on quite a number of important features which have been readily offered by its competitors like the Fortuner from Toyota and Endeavour from Ford. Chevrolet has been able to sell just 28 units of the Trailblazer SUV in the Indian market in the past 6 months, from April 2016 – September 2016. Since the sales figures have not been very impressive, the price cut could be a possible move by the company to compel the customers into buying the SUV and cash a little by targeting the festive mood of the Indian customers.

Under the Hood

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is an SUV that has been presumed to be a full-fledged version of Colorado, the pickup truck from Chevrolet. The SUV comes with a massive 4-cylinder diesel engine of 2.8 liters capacity and produces a power of 197 bhp at 3600 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 500 Nm from as low as 2000 rpm. The fuel efficiency is estimated to be rated around 11.45 km/l. A 6-speed automatic gearbox takes care of all the transmission duties.

Other Features

Though the Trailblazer SUV does not come with any extraordinary features, it still belongs to the category of deluxe SUVs. Apart from being an SUV with 3 rows of seats, the other important feature of the Trailblazer that is worth mentioning is the 7-inch MyLink touchscreen infotainment system that comes along with a smartphone app link, but is devoid of a navigation system. The safety features include assistance for hill climb and descent, ABS, traction control, and electronic stability control.

2016 chevrolet trailblazer

Just last month, the arch rival of Chevrolet, Ford had also issued a similar heavy price cut of almost Rs. 2.82 lakh on its new Endeavour SUV in the Indian market. Toyota, another foe of Chevrolet, is all set to launch the new Fortuner complete with next-gen technology on November 7th, 2016 in India. This has probably built up a lot of pressure on Chevrolet urging it towards the decision to cut prices on the SUV to woo its Indian customers. Another reason could probably be that the American carmaker is planning of doing away with all the current stocks of the vehicle in India so that it paves way for the launch of the overhauled version of the Trailblazer. Chevrolet is doing everything it could possibly do by playing its ‘A’ game to win its buyers over and out.

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