Updated Google Keyboard for iPhone, Gboard Version 1.2.0 Brings Splendid Features of 3D Touch, iOS 10 Emojis and More

Google Gboard

Google’s keyboard for iPhone called the Gboard is one of the most widely used third-party keyboard apps.

The Gboard that was released in May, can be integrated and enabled into any other app and can be used as a regular keyboard instead of the mobile device’s keyboard and harness the key features like scheduling e-mails, glide typing, inbuilt Google Search, and more. According to the iTunes official website, the recent update of the Gboard to version 1.2.0 has brought along with it quite a number of new features including landscape themes, new iOS 10 emojis, will allow the users to search and share contacts directly within the app, and support for 3D Touch.

Google Gboard

Landscape Themes

With the new update, the tech giant has added new themes to its Gboard keyboard app with a collection of all new breathtakingly beautiful landscape images. The users will be able to download these themes and add them to the Gboard app by making a few simple taps of the buttons. So, now the users can personalize their Gboard app according to their own taste and preferences.

Integration of 3D Touch

The company has mentioned in its release note that it has also integrated 3D Touch support in the Gboard app. The users will just have to hard press and slide their fingers on the keyboard to move the cursor to the location where they want to land on. However, the 3D Touch just lacks the free-floating, slack cursor of the native keyboard from Apple. The cursor just moves right and left through the whole message, but does not have the ability to track in the upward and downward directions.

Emojis and Contacts

Another feature that comes with the new update is that the updated Gboard version 1.2.0 has been introduced with support for the new iOS 10 emojis. The new update will also allow the users to search and share contacts easily from within the app itself without having to leave the other apps in the middle of a conversation. To search and share a contact with the new update, the users will first have to go to the Gboard app and tap on the ‘Search’ settings and then activate the ‘Contacts Search’ option by toggling it on.

Gboard, Google’s keyboard for iPhone has been used to replace the standard keyboard of the phone. The Gboard allows the users to post emojis and GIF images and also allows performing Google Search functions from within the app. Another amazing feature is that the Gboard comes with a Glide Typing feature, which enables the users to type with one hand by just swiping over the letters.


Privacy and Security Policies

The Gboard has been designed to provide the users with utmost privacy and security. Whatever has been typed by the users from the Gboard will be considered as private information and will be regarded as private by the company also. To keep up with the security policies, the searches made by the users by using Gboard will be sent to the Google servers which will then give out the results of the search to the users. The usage statistics will also be sent to the users to inform which features have been used frequently. This will help the users in understanding the issues when the app might crash.

Any private information like the chat conversation or a password, other than the user’s search words will not be sent by Gboard to anybody else. The Gboard app will just remember the word that the user has typed into search and helps them with the correct spelling or gives out the related search results, which will be stored in the mobile device. All this data will not be accessible to Google or to any other app.

According to a report from the official website of Google, the updated Gboard version 1.2.0 keyboard app for iPhone is available for installation for free and can be downloaded from the App Store. The new version of Gboard 1.2.0 is available for the iPhones and iPads that are running on iOS 9 and above versions.

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