Google Chrome for Desktop Gets Inbuilt Google Cast – No Need for Extensions

Google Chrome

Google has seen success in the fact that almost all of its services work seamlessly. Those using Android devices will tell you that the search engine giant has a number of its core services preinstalled on all of its devices, allowing for seamless functionality and communication between the OS and the services.

Now, if this is the case, one would wonder why the story is not the same for an application like Google Cast with respect to Google Chrome web browser. Apparently, one has to download and install a Google Cast extension for Chrome in order to use this service, something that is associated with unnecessary steps for the user.

Google seems to have seen the pain that Cast users go through whenever they want to use the application on Chrome browser for desktops. As a result, the Mountain View tech giant is building Cast support right into the upcoming version of Google Chrome browser for desktops. The new version with support for Cast is Chrome 51.

Google went to its support page to share this news, which means that users of Chrome browser can now cast their tabs with no need of downloading an extension to do that. All you need is to right click on any tab or go through the 3-dot button that reveals a tools menu. If you had previously installed the Cast extension, this is the chance to get rid of it, but this doesn’t mean that the extension will cease working. In fact, it might be an easier option for some users, but for those who prefer having a cleaner interface on their browsers, this is a worthy addition to the Chrome browser.

Google Chrome

Another update that the latest Google Chrome 51 browser brings to the fold is the elimination of the case where users had to manually set cast resolutions, quality, as well as bitrate, among others; instead, the system automatically recognizes the content as well as network quality and the result is an optimized stream that perfectly suits your needs. If you are one of those who enjoy fine-tuning their casts, this might be a little disappointing.

It gets even better with the new Google Chrome update. Apparently, the updated version will also allow casting Chrome tabs to a Hangout. Cool huh!

If you need some of these and even more, make sure you are using the latest Google Chrome version 51 on your desktop.

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