Netflix Facing a Class Action Lawsuit for Raising Monthly Subscription Charges


Are you one of the millions of people that are set to benefit from a lawsuit involving Netflix and the idea to increase its monthly subscription charges?

Well, you probably are and you have no idea. Apparently, one customer who was extremely pissed off with the moves made by Netflix in increasing the initial $7.99 monthly fee it charged for its subscribers to a current fee of $9.99 per month. According to reports, George Keritsis, the customer who is pissed off with Netflix, is proposing a class action lawsuit after the company failed to honor its contract with him.

Keritsis says that at the time of signing up for Netflix’s services, he was promised that he will be “grandfathered in.” What this means is that the account holder will only but pay the initial monthly fee for a lifetime, which was set at $7.99 per month.

According to Keritsis, an ad was, later on, served to the public, informing them that the $7.99 monthly fee was guaranteed. To further confirm this announcement, Keritsis called the Netflix customer care and a service representative confirmed that his account has been grandfathered in. This is when he decided to subscribe to the service. However, things started taking a twist as the streaming service upped its monthly charges to $8.68 back in 2012. After close to four years of paying this amount, Keritsis will no longer keep quiet on the matter, especially after seeing Netflix once again increase the monthly subscription fee to $9.99 per month.


Following this June 2016 increment, Keritsis says that he called the company’s customer care representatives and in response, he was told that his account is still grandfathered in. However, he was also told that despite this, the fee will stick at the new rates since the company was increasing the subscription fee for all accounts, including his. As a result, he has decided to seek help from the law courts since he believes that Netflix has breached their contract.

If he succeeds with his calls for a class-action lawsuit, the result might see Netflix part with some reasonable amount of money as compensation for breaching contracts held by over 17 million subscribers.

As of now, Netflix has yet to issue any statement regarding this matter, but we’ll closely monitor the progress and bring more details as they pop up.

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