Confirmed: Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis To Release Later This Year

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis

Square Enix has been developing multiple games at the moment.

While a majority of the games being developed by them have aroused a lot of curiosity, the Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is, undoubtedly, the most anticipated game from their slate.

The game happens to be an episodic reinterpretation of the original JRPG that offers fans a more robust and immersive experience. It uses the visuals one came across in the original game as a base to create a world that looks contemporary and modern. The combat in the game, reportedly, will be very similar to the kind one experienced in Final Fantasy 7: Remake. Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is expected to have elements from almost every game in the timeline, including Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, Dirge of Cerberus and Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.

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Like several other mobile games, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will have a gacha system. This particular system will comprise loot boxes featuring random weapons. Many of these weapons will arrive packed in specialized costume sets that one didn’t see in the original game.

Once the game is released, the different episodes will be available to be downloaded for free. Apart from featuring retellings, the game will feature a vast number of original stories that will be set in the universe of the game. Some of these stories will explore the background of many popular characters from games like Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier.

A financial report, brought to the fore by Gamebiz, indicates the game will get a release sometime this year. It is expected to come out during the fiscal year. Based on the information received so far, there is a very good chance of the game releasing in September 2022. Though the report does not mention a specific release date, it does confirm the aforementioned release window.

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Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis is expected to be loaded with a large amount of content. The game is said to be featuring ten episodes or chapters. In the third chapter, one could look forward to the much talked about ‘escape from Midgar’.

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